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Water cooled central unit WSE/WDE 120- 1100 KW


Superior performance

  • Semi-hermetic screw compressor in-built motor avoid seal leakage
  • Two or a plurality of compressor controlled by PLC program, which can balance the load and prolong the service life of the unit
  • Two or a plurality of compressor using multi refrigeration circuit, when a circuit be repaired or in maintenance, the remaining loop can still be operated normally
  • Compressor adopt duplex winding reduced-voltage starting, to avoid the impact to the electric network


Easy Installation

  • Compact structure, small occupation area
  • The machine has been tested strictly and timing operation completed to reach the using state
  • Extremely vibration and don't need the vibration isolation equipment usually


Low cost for operation and maintenance

  • Microcomputer control system make the chillers highly efficient in part load conditions as it adjusts the capacity 0-25-50-75-100% volume control to save energy
  • Screw compressor in low failure rate with simple structure and few wearing parts
  • The built-in three stage oil separator
  • Adopt the coating design to reduce the compressor running noise
  • Water chiller compressor trouble-free operation over 40000 hours


Complete security protection function

  • High & low pressure protection
  • Anti-heating safety valve
  • Anti freezing protection
  • Overload protection,
  • Incomplete phase protection
  • Opposite phase protection
  • lacking voltage and over voltage protection
  • Water flow protection


Humanized microcomputer control system

  • Adopt brand-name PLC controller and colorful touch panel, friendly interface for simple operation
  • Automatic detect temperature of chilled water system, which tracking the load efficiently by adjusting the compressor
  • Main operation data for reference can be read in the display
  • Automatic failure alarm system can display the failure code for analysis
  • Output feedback information to the other main control system based on the needs of field
  • The original content can be modified based on the field needs, such as capacity position, protection, pressure etc


Application of the strong widely

  • Widely used in rubber, plastic, petroleum, chemical, electronics, textile, papermaking, brew, pharmaceutical, machinery, food, beverage, vacuum coating, plating, coating, central air-conditioning and other fields
  • The central chillers are widely applied in the centralized cooling way
  • This unit can be customized for the acid and alkali resistant special models, which satisfied the special needs of customers with special process
  • This machine can be customized for low temperature models using the low temperature cold medium


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